Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I’m a writer of historical fiction and on this site you’ll find out about things I’ve written, what I’m working on, a little bit about me, and random blog posts about the West, cowboys, history, places I visit and pretty much anything that appeals to me, and hopefully, to you. My novel, The Lily of the West, was published by Five Star Frontier Fiction in January 2019, and I have a short story, “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” that will be included along with some great western writers in their newest anthology, “Contention” coming out in May 2019. I’m working on a new novel and I’ll post some hints about that now and then on the blog. Please feel free to send me any comments or questions, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

The Lily of the West

Published January 2019


In the American West of the 1800s, women had few respectable choices: schoolteacher, shopkeeper, or wife. Mary Katherine Haroney chose a different path, one that branded her an independent woman, with a nickname, "Big Nose Kate" and a reputation even worse: immoral and dangerous.

Fleeing the Mexican court of the doomed Emperor Maximilian where her father was the royal physician, Hungarian immigrant Kate was fifteen when her family arrived in Davenport, Iowa, in 1865. Within months, she’s an orphan facing a bleak future. Stowing away on a Mississippi riverboat begins her journey into an extraordinary life and into the pages of history.


Kate forged her way down the river and across the American frontier, first becoming the belle of the Dodge City music halls, notorious for her outspoken manner as much as her alluring appearance. Classically educated, she spoke four languages and was fiercely independent. Kate ultimately discovered the love of her life and much in common with a charming but volatile dentist from Atlanta, Dr. John Henry Holliday. Doc Holliday and Big Nose Kate became arguably the most dangerous couple in the West, but trusted friends of the Earps and Bat Masterson.

The Lily of the West is a novel of Kate’s life, based on historical research, letters, and what likely happened in those moments and hours in between what we know and the passions that truly make up a life, from the dawn of the West to the violent lawlessness that preceded the end of an era.